Inferiority complex is something human beings have had since the day cavemen started living in groups which later on would lay down as the foundation of “society”. ‘Someone is better than me, someone has things which I don’t have; that person is more liked than me, I don’t have a beautiful face compared to him/her’ – these thoughts give a rise to inferiority complex which eventually pairs up with jealousy, then finally comes the idea of either snatching away what oneself lacks or destroying what other people have! Quite astounding as to how our mind works, isn’t it?

It all just goes to prove how hard for us it is to accept two simple things –

  1. What I have and many don’t.
  2. No matter how much I try, destroying or snatching away by force won’t give me the satisfaction that I was searching for.

Human beings can only benefit themselves and the society once they start appreciating what they have, be it tangible or intangible, and make peace with those.

Shoaib Zaman Nusker