In one drop of rain, the world is reflected,

Upside down, flying down from one careless cloud,

Just one drop, falling gently on the leaves of elephant ear uplifted.

Just there down the drenched outstretched eyes of a snail recoil,

The Recoil, like a wand, gives sprinkles of life into the water, forms life,

Where to fall but down, in the pavements created by the mushrooms, one step at a time,

Gathering flesh of water and light,

Now a droplet, ever growing younger, falling into life, life sucking it in,

It goes down and becomes the face and body of a woman, her transparent heart, with ornaments of diamond drops, she walks from one leaf to another,

There she goes, un-tainted, unobserved, her laugh, the sounds of her footsteps, only the dancing antenna of an ant can sense,

Such graceful is her movements, then she comes down to earth, mixes up with the drenched life, sparkles that live forever, entangles her.

Releases her again at night, when the world is asleep, when every dream lies bare,

There she exists, dancing and spreading her heartfelt cool showers, down each eyes, that seeks her out,

She lives in the un-trodden uninjured regions of the dreams, among lush grass, and undergrowth.

She has outlived so many nightmares, softening many a fall when tripped from vulgar weakness and wine;

She has seen the fireflies fly at night, and dazzle over her, there she shone like the star,

She has her journeys ahead, as dreams pass into daylight,

Her hazy carriers, hiding all the way take her to her daybreak get away,

There she flies far away, before the sun comes looking for survivors to scorch.

                                                       Shuvo Shams